VULGARIS WOODCUT is a new series of unique drawers which are a result of collaboration between Nina Koželj, sculpturer and graphic artist and Manca Kemperl, wood engeneere, made under the brand VULGARIS (established in 2018)


 VULGARIS WOODCUT drawers are uniquely handmade objects, carefully designed with the idea of contemporary minimalistic trend merged with middle age craft.  Modern clean lines are combined with the tradition of the oldest graphic technique – woodcut. This drawers, made from solid Slovenian wood, show how pure design and art can be merged into new sensation.


Creation of each individual drawer starts with the handcrafted woodcut which is then hand printed in the traditional way – with a spoon – in limited edition of five prints. Afterwards the wooden matrix is inlayed into a drawer as a front.


Drawers are completely handmade in Vulgaris wood studio by Manca Kemperl and Nina Koželj.