Serving and cutting boards

Vulgaris handmade wooden cutting/serving boards are made frome Slovenian wood saved from fire. Every board is unique, carefully designed, glued together from different peaces of wood  and finished with mineral oil and beeswax.

Vulgaris wood is a brand under which Nina (sculpturer) and Manca (woodworker) are saving the Slovenian domestic wood from fire. It is some kind of shelter for little wood, which is not suitable for manufacturing due to its  “special features” or rearness. Basicly we pull peaces of that wood from hands of local peoples, and force them to sell it to us. 

Those are mostly a typs of woods that man can not buy in the store. Vulgaris gave to that wood a totaly new life. After a long procedure of course.

Care: Wood is alive material. It can bend and unbend. To prevent that only hand wash with a mild detergent and warm water. Towel dry and initially store in a drying rack so that both sides can dry evenly. Never allow one edge or side to be left on a wet surface.